Step by Step: Wood Mounting Art

See How We Create Wood-Mounted Art Prints

Are you interested in displaying a particular poster or print on your wall, but want a different sort of look than what a frame can provide? Try displaying it on a wood-mounted plaque instead! Wood-mounting your poster or print means fusing it to a thick wooden plaque that gives it the appearance of one solid object — rather than that of thin paper inserted into a frame – without sacrificing the protection and visual flair that a frame normally provides.

Sound interesting? Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Print it!

Since all plaque-mounted posters are made to order, the first step is to print the image using professional-grade equipment on high quality paper.

Step 2: Trim it!

Next, we trim off the excess white edge of the printed piece, so that we are left with only the printed image itself with no extra paper.


Step 3: Laminate it!

For this step, we run the print through a lamination machine that applies a protective matte layer. This allows the print to be chemically adhered to the plaque board, as well as make it less susceptible to scratches and damage in the long run.


Step 4: Trim it again!

After the lamination process, the edges of the print are trimmed once again to remove any excess material.


Step 5: Mount it!

The laminated print is set on the wood plaque board, and then topped with a protective cover to keep it in place. We then use special equipment to apply a large amount of pressure to the print, which chemically fuses it to the wood plaque board over a short period of time.


Step 6: Finish it!

For the final step, the plaque-mounted print is run through a machine that trims the edges of the plaque, resulting in a stylish black finish! The final product is then carefully shrink-wrapped, packaged, and shipped directly to you.

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