Canvas Printing Steps

Getting a design printed on canvas is a great alternative to a traditional frame. Their light weight, stylish versatility, and lack of glare are all great benefits, on top of the added artful quality that a stretched canvas lends to any piece.

At Art and Canvas, we offer stretched canvas as an option for nearly every print that we have available. Here is how we do it!

Step 1: Print it!

The first step we take is to print the image on the canvas fabric using a high performance printer.

Step 2: Measure it!

Once the image has been printed on canvas, we trim off the excess fabric. We then perform a few measurements on the back side to determine placement of the stretcher bars.

Step 3: Stretch it!

After the measurements are taken, it’s time to stretch the canvas! We do this by pulling the canvas tightly across the canvas bars (as indicated by the measurements we took earlier), and stapling it together with a heavy duty Senco stapler. The process is repeated on each side so that the canvas is nice and taut from every angle.

Step 4: Slice it!

Once the stretched canvas around the bars are stapled down, it creates flaps in the canvas that stick out at the corners. We use an exacto knife slit these flaps down the middle, so that they can be folded down.

Step 5: Fold it!

With the canvas corners cut, we can then neatly fold them down and staple them to the canvas proper. This flattens out the canvas over the entire stretcher bar structure, resulting in the final product!

Finish line!

Finally, we have the completed canvas print!

Ready to hang!