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Viktor Posnov

 “It is always hard for me to answer the question where I am from. I was born in 1991 in Estonia, spent my childhood in Ukraine and grew up in the United States. Right now I am based in Cincinnati, Ohio, but most of my time I spend travelling.

During the period between 2009 to 2015, I did numerous photography trips in the United States visiting all the National Parks in the lower 48 States. I was also involved in numerous photography exhibitions in Cincinnati with a photography studio there for 2 years. Even though I gave up my studio to allow me to do more travelling,printed copies of my works are still available via website.

The entire year of 2016 I had spent in Australia, driving over 54000 kilometer to circumnavigate the continent. Also during this visit I had discovered the unspoilt landscape of Tasmanian’s Southwest. My over 2-month hiking in this area developed my passion for this special wilderness.”


Enjoy her brightly colored digital landscapes. In ArtBina’s drawings, you may find yourself in a dreamlike state of mind when gazing upon her art. You will see that ArtBina works with contrasting colors and layers that will bring you out of this world into hers.

Andrej Z.T.

Check out our digital artist out of Hungary! Andrej specializes using mixed techniques. Digital painting, photo bashing, photo manipulation.

What is Photobashing:

Photo bashing is a digital art technique that merges and blends photos and 3D aspects to create one final art piece.


If you like medieval, fantasy and mystical landscape art, Brillick is the artist you are looking for! You’ll find that fantasy often is intertwined with medieval themes. In his work, you wont need to look too hard to find a piece you love.

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