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Creature of the Dark

Is it just me, or does Halloween season fly by in a blink of an eye? We have put together a collection of gothic décor ideas to keep the spooky season going all year long. Zombies, skulls, and everything black! This blog is for those who embrace their dark side and live life like everyday is Halloween. Find our favorite gothic themed wall art décor ideas here.

Read on for more wicked awesome gothic art.

Seasonal Art to Cozy up by

As seen from our featured blog post image, from left to right is “Les Invisibles” by Florent Bodart. This art piece was chosen for its greyscale color scheme and supernatural subject. This piece is a great choice for those who is in a band, plays an instrument or someone who enjoys strange art. Who wouldn’t get a kick out of an invisible instrumental band? Also a great choice for a dark décor theme.


For the center piece, we have chose a digital illustration print called “Midnigh” by Andrej Z. T. is a wolf spirit outside of a silhouette forest in front of a large full moon. This mysterious digital illustration is a perfect addition for a gothic vibe. Hang up a framed or canvas print of “Midnight” in the living room, bedroom to summon your spirit animal.

The last art piece displayed from our featured blog image is an illustration created by the talented, Virgil Findlay who specializes in fantasy sci-fi art. The piece shown is titled “The Last Citadel”. This piece pairs well to the mystery theme, a citadel is a fortress that protects or encompasses a city. In this art piece you can use your imagination to fill in the story of the character in the bottom right corner surrounded by spotted snake-like creatures. Our gothic décor wouldn’t be complete without a Virgil Finlay art print. The use of black and white adds a feeling of a timeless style that will fit in with any gothic décor collection.

Gothic Gallery

If you’re looking for a various selection of gothic art styles, here we have carefully collected artwork that will intrigue those dark souls in this collection. From foggy conjured spirits, abstract skulls, abandoned building and many more. You’re likely to find many art prints that will fit your gothic décor style and theme. We chose “Savage” by ArtBina for her brilliant use of red and a in-between blue green color of a cloudy full moon shadow cast. To the right is an abstract skull art print titled “Cave Skull” by Ali Gulec, if you’re into the skull art and love nature, this is a perfect art piece to get lost in the thoughts of our mortality. Below that art piece we have chose an art piece created by SMI2NRT titled “Armory Edichna”. This piece is an intricate drawing illustration of the mythical creature that resembles to an armadillo mixed with a porcupine and an anteater. These strange creatures look like something imagined out of a mythical story but are a reality found on Earth! Probably not a good idea as a pet, but you can settle with this art print instead 😉

Click to follow our other various goth inspired art décor to the right.

Nail in the Coffin

Seal the deal today and order your art prints in the custom style to meet your needs. If you’re looking for more gothic wall art, try searching through our art by color: Black is always a great option for gothic décor styles. Perhaps adding a color splash theme to your black art with one other color. This will carry your eyes from one art piece to another, or even use this piece as a center focal point on your wall. Whatever your favorite color is, you can make this piece pop with surrounding black color scheme artwork.

Find your perfect piece of artwork here at Art & Canvas. Create an account and start a favorites list to come back to later. We offer various print styles, a broad art collection and quality made custom prints from real people right here out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Feel free to contact us today for any recommendations 1-800-577-5920 or

Happy Haunting!

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