Framed Canvas VS Frame Print

What frame style should you pick?

When deciding which frame style to choose, we have a couple of framed print options for you with various of color and frame moldings to decide on. To make this decision easier on you, we would ask what your favorite print style is. If you prefer canvas prints over standard prints, the obvious decision might be to pick a canvas print. However, this is not always the best option for your decor.

Continue to read our tips to choosing the perfect framed print option.

When to choose framed canvas

Canvas prints are a great option to decorate large wall spaces and medium to large rooms. This is because of the thickness of a stretched canvas print can make a room feel even smaller in small spaces. Canvas prints are a great option for painting prints that are typically created on a canvas. Before committing to a canvas print, you will want to consider the size and depth of the canvas print in the space you are looking to decorate.


  1. Grab a tape measure to help you visually see the space needed
  2. Measure the width, height, and depth of desired canvas print size on décor location
  3. Consider if this size may crowd the space given.


Frame options:

  • Black (3 frame styles)
  • Grey (Barnwood Classic)
  • Brown (2 frame styles)
  • Red (Cherry Grande)
  • White (2 frame styles)

Framed Prints

When deciding to order framed semi-gloss paper prints, you might have a smaller space to decorate or perhaps looking to decorate a wall with multiple prints togethe like a gallery wall (how to build a gallery wall). With our framed print option, you have more options to customize your art print. We have various mat color options that enhance your favorite prints to compliment your current décor style and art print.

Frame options:

  • Black (3 frame styles)
  • Grey (Barnwood Classic)
  • Brown (2 frame styles)
  • Red (Cherry Grande)
  • White (2 frame styles)


2″ Frame Mat options:

  • Smooth White
  • Smooth Black
  • Pure White (off white)
  • Yorktown (classic blue)
  • Cardinal (classic red)


We hope you enjoyed our quick tips to choosing your next framed art piece. When making the final decision, it comes down to your space size and functionality. Canvas prints add a realistic aesthetic, however it’s not always the best option for every space or purpose. If you’re looking to add depth and a professional feel, framed canvas prints are a great choice for your art piece. If you’re still unsure which print style to get, you can never go wrong with a frame semi-gloss print.

Contact us at if you have any questions or need help selecting your next custom art print.


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