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Decorating your Walls: Keeping you Focused

Decorating your Walls: Keeping you Focused

Art with purpose

With all the stress that you face throughout the day, it can be difficult to focus on the tasks at hand. But oftentimes, the right art and décor can block out those daily distractions and help you focus. When it comes to tackling projects, a stress-free space isn’t always an option. Surprisingly, surrounding yourself with the right wall art can change the vibe and keep you on track.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes a room can make me want to look for things that distract me. My phone, household, animals, picking at my nails… the list could go on. Creating the right “mood” in your workspace can help you to be productive! In this post, we will show you some great examples of art and décor that will help you focus on your priorities and achieve your goals.

Calm cool colors

The use of cool colors and light shading creates a calming atmosphere to help one relax from daily stress. To achieve this, find artwork by sorting through light tinted colored wall décor. Various brightly colored pieces should be balanced with a piece that has a tint of the main color found. This will tone down the perceived vibrancy of the multicolored piece. Check out this poster “Adventure Time” by Mark Allante, which features various animals riding on top of a humpback whale in the colorful clouds.
This poster is balanced out with another cloudy themed poster called “Alice Illusions”, which has few colors, but multiple shades of blue.

Both posters have a design meant to give off a calming presence when near, perfect to place in an area of study and focus. Day dreamers will love these prints!

Twisty Beach Vibes

When we finally get home after a long day, at times all we want to do is chill. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to be productive. If you’re anything like me, then procrastination is your worst enemy. But the right art and décor can remind your to refresh your mind with a mental break.

This illustrative poster of skeletons on a tropical beach dancing on top of a VW bus represents such a break! If your mind is looking for an escape, remind yourself that the work you’re doing now will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment. Then treat yourself with a lil’ “Beach Break” (mentally or literally!) Don’t wait to care for yourself.


When looking for wall décor to add around your space, think about people that inspire you, like a famous band or musician. Shown here is “Kurt Cobain – Cook”, a poster print with an affordable black style frame. Kurt struggled with depression; he is an inspiration to push for your goals even if everyone is against you. Even years after his death, Kurt Cobain’s music in Nirvana has had an everlasting effect on the youth today; A reminder to be you, regardless of mainstream standards and societal stereotypes.

Another creative recommendation to keep you focused is “Dali – Montre Molle”This piece is sure to keep you focused on the prize of productive progress when you see how much time and effort that Salvador Dali must have spent creating this surreal painting. When looking upon this complex art piece, you may understand that this accomplishment is achieved through many hours of focus and years of experience.

No matter how large or small your goals are, creating a space to keep you pushing towards reaching those goals is important too. Of course, having support from family and friends is also valuable, but creating an environment where you can be inspired to focus is always a good thing.

Mind, Body and Soul

If you’re familiar with yogi practice, you might recognize the saying “breath is life.” That is to say, when you stop breathing, you stop living. If you’re feeling exhausted from a focused task, then change up the pace by taking care of the other parts of you. Take the strain off the mind, body, and soul. If the task at hand is mostly using your mind, then take some time for physical activity — like light stretches and exercise — to get the blood pumping and give the mind a break.

If you would rather use your time to work on the soul, take a step back and, if possible, sit down and erase your thoughts. Make your mind blank. This literally is about letting go of the day and allowing your thoughts to still themselves. Once you’ve done this. Listen to your breathing, with each inhale and exhale lasting longer than the last. Ask yourself, how do you feel? This soulful action may give you the answers to reaching your full potential.

“All From Nothing We Became Something” by Parablev and “Inhale Exhale X” by Vivid Atelier

With all the art pieces to choose from, when it comes to your space, picking art with purpose can be productive! Whatever feelings you’re looking to invoke, for a focused mindset there are many variations you can choose from to suit your style, interior design, personality, and goals. Basically, instead of “dressing for the job you want” decorate your space for the vibe you want.

Create your wall décor vibe by browsing by subjectartistcolor and more!

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