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How to Decorate your Bar: Home and Business

How to Decorate your Bar: Home and Business

Pick your Poison

Like our Delicious Dining Room Decor blog, any bar owner will agree that wall décor creates a certain mood which can have a huge effect on a person’s drinking experience. The same is true for the home. So take a shot to help you gather some inspirational bar décor ideas here. When getting together gathering for a drink with family and friends, we have the decor that will carry on conversation and/or also compliment your bar’s vibe.

Take a look at our Bar Room page to quickly view general art and posters for your bar décor needs! There you will find eye catching wall décor to go with any bar theme and vibe. Or stick around and read through the rest of this blog to find out what our most popular bar décor ideas.

Bar Décor for Businesses

To the left we have selected a combination of four art prints and posters that pair well with all kinds of bar art. The first is a poster titled “Subway Beer Styles” and to the right of that piece is a comparable poster titled “Subway Wine Styles”. These prints are a perfect match for a modern and minimalist style. If you’re a beer or wine savant, you will love these prints to decorate your bar walls with. Heck! It doesn’t have to be at a bar, hang these art prints where ever you enjoy having a drink!

Below these two posters, we have selected “Three Musicians after Hours” by Scott Clendaniel. In this painting print you will see three cubism styled musicians at a table with three different types of enlarged pints of beer. Enjoy this unique art print in home or at the bar today in the print style and size of your choice. To the right of this art print we have chosen a piece titled “Wine Tasting Bottles”. This print is a perfect choice to pair with our “Subway Wine Styles” art print (found in the paragraph above) or order a copy of this print to add a pop of color on your walls.

Finally below we have an art print created by the famous Echo Chernik. Echo’s style has an art noveau style with a modern age twist. This featured print titled  “Liquor Cthulhu Triptych”, is a gorgeous art piece for those who love liquor and fantasy. Enjoy this single art piece with all three beautiful women, or individually: Absinthe CthulhuTequila Cthulhu and Rum Cthulhu.

You walk into a bar and…

Grab a drink, you’ve had a long day. Instead of wasting time on your phone, invite your friends and family over to end the day on a good note… and why not enjoy some comedic relief artwork to lighten up the room. Browse through our favorite selection of the funny bar art to do just the thing!

Introducing to the left is a new poster recently added titled  “Hard Work Pays Off” in this society, we are looking for fast results. Most of us would agree that working our a***s off in this economy makes a crispy cold one that much sweeter. I can’t think of another poster that has put it in better words. So if you’re a citizen that enjoys questionable behavior, follow the link above to order your copy today in the print style and size of your choice.

To the right we have more comedic bar art options available for Print-on-Demand. If you enjoy a good sense of humor, these are just some of the art prints we offer for your comedic relief perfect for your bar décor.

Bars to the Wall

Whatever spirits you’re into, we have the best selection of bar art that stands out from the rest to cure your thirst. Create a bar room that you can let loose, share good times, and unwind. Setting your bar atmosphere is key… that is, if you want a unique vibe that will become your favorite “adulting” spot. Even if you don’t like to go out and drink, perhaps you’re more of a introvert and enjoy a glass of wine and reading a book or watching your favorite shows. While at the home, the bar is a spot to set the mood you want to achieve. Create yours here.

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