Why wood art?

Wood mount art can add texture and enhance any cozy rustic vibe.  In this blog, we will cover our process of mounting art prints onto the wood. Then we will provide some inspirational ideas that pair well with wood mount print style option.

Rustic livingroom setting with wood mount art print above fire place

Beveled wall art?

Out of all the print style options, why is wood mount a better option than the rest? In our opinion, wood mount art prints are a great option for rustic/primitive home décor styles. This is because wood mount adds a texture that fits in well with the rustic vibe. The weight of wood mount art prints also boosts the visual quality of the art print once secured on the wall.

Wood mount process

The first step to mounting your art print onto wood is to print to desired size. Then we trim the excess edges. Next we will laminate the art print to protect the image before mounting onto the wood piece. After the art print is laminated and trimmed again, we will then adhere the art piece onto the custom cut wood piece. Once the art print is mounted onto the wood piece, the final step is to trim one more time, but this time we trim the wood piece to give it that beveled look. Final step is the black finish on the edges of the wood plaque. See our video to the right to get a feel for our wood mount production process.

View more production clips at TikTok @artandcanvasusa

Where to begin?

Finding the perfect art piece isn’t difficult when searching on Art & Canvas. A few artists to start with we would like to recommend are Andrej Z.T. for a modern rustic style or Michael Cohen who offers a photography collection of wildlife is also a great choice for your rustic décor collection. If you’re into primitive decor, we recommend TSD design who specializes in minimalist rustic style. For more great rustic artist options view and follow the image samples below.

Need more help or ideas? Feel free to contact us at: sales@artandcanvas.com