Quick and Easy Canvas Decorating

Get Cozy with Canvas

With all the artwork you can choose from, canvas is the most popular style. Canvas adds depth to a room and a comforting texture. Our favorite canvas prints are found in our painting category. Painting prints gives off a sense of the paint textures you have to go up to the print to see if its real. Here we will list a few quick and painless ways to decorate with canvas prints.

Take a look at our Painting Styles to view the best art prints for your canvas décor needs! There you will eye catching paintings created by our talented painters.

Find more canvas décor tips in this blog.

Ways to Hang your Canvas Art

Once you have picked your favorite canvas prints, each canvas print will get a hanging kit. You’ll next have to decide to which hanging method you would like to use. There will be a saw tooth hanger or a wire hanging option. The easiest option will be to hammer in the sawtooth hanger onto the backside of the canvas stretched bars. Depending how large the canvas print is, you can use this option. *If the canvas is 30×40″ then we recommend using the wire hang kit that also comes in the pack with the sawtooth hanger.

View our step-by step hanging kit guide here

Get it in Canvas!

We want you to love your canvas print from start to finish. Picking the print in the size you want can be hard to decide, but we will make sure that the print you order is exactly what you’re looking for.  With our custom canvas options, you can choose what size you want the chosen art piece to be and pick a frame option if you want to make your art piece to have a more formal feel to it. When picking a canvas print, there’s no wrong way to do it, that is another reason why canvas prints are our most popular choice. If you’re not familiar with wall decorating, we make it easy and simple for you to create the vibes you want to surround yourself with quick and easy instructions. Order today to see why people love our canvas art prints.

View our canvas production clips at TikTok @artandcanvasusa

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