Venus and Adonis

Peter Paul Ruben

Artwork by Peter Paul Ruben



Rubens took the subject of this painting from the Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses (completed A.D. 8). Accidently pricked by one of Cupid’s arrows, Venus fell in love with the handsome hunter Adonis. With cavalier indifference to the goddess’s charms and her warnings of danger, Adonis hunted a wild boar and was gored to death. Rubens shows their leave-taking—a popular subject also famously depicted by Titian. Technical examination indicates that a later hand altered Adonis’s expression to make it less foreboding. All prints and frames are 100% American made at our warehouse in Cincinnati, OH. We print all art pieces, manufacture our own frames, and stretch our own canvas. All items are on-demand and produced right here! Each print is printed onto semi-gloss paper, and then either rolled or framed before shipping out. Canvas prints are stretched over 1.5-inch stretcher bars. We take pride in the quality of all our products and strive to give our customers the best wall art possible!


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