Mother’s Day: Staff Picks

Mother's Day

We all love or moms, form inside jokes to fond memories, that’s what makes Mother’s Day special. Check out or Mom-spiration art pieces hand picked by Art and Canvas staff members that remind us of mom.

“This reminds me of my mom b/c she always took us hiking in the Smokey’s National park. One trail in particular had spots like this wit hthe steps, the trail was called the Heath Bald. My grandfather’s ashes are there. Very special place in my heart.”- J. Jones


“Out of many of the art pieces that reminds me of my mom, this poster especially reminds me of my mom because she is the biggest wino I know!” – M. Young


“I think my reasoning speaks for itself ????” – K. Ackerman

“Growing up, winter and Christmas were always a big deal and Mom would always make it special for us. Plus her favorite bird is the cardinal, so whenever I see one, I think of Mom.” – M. Adams
“I would probably say that Bridge by Brillick reminds me of my mom, that artists style is very similar to my mom’s painting style.” – B. Woods
““This one has my mom written all over it because if she could escape the world and be a beach bum, she totally would.” – L. Allen

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