Father’s Day: Staff Picks

Dads are for sharing, perhaps, tall tale stories. That’s what makes Father’s Day special.

It’s no secret… fathers are great! And they take many forms: Fearless hunters, master grillers, sports gurus, intellectual juggernauts, or just plain goofy fun guys who we love spending time with.

This Father’s Day, we wanted to show our appreciation for Dad through the lens of some of our favorite art works – hand-picked by the staff here at Art & Canvas!

“This print reminds of my dad because my dad used to take me fishing in Northern Michigan and into Canada several times each year.  I have pictures of us that look a lot like this.  He also sold Volkswagens, so the yellow VW camper reminds me of him.  We actually took those on vacation several times.  I do miss him.” – Brian W.
“Dad was a hunter in his younger days, and I vividly remember the taxidermy deer head trophy that he kept hung up on the wall all throughout my childhood. He still has it to this day! Anything with big antlers always makes me think of Dad.” – Matt A.
“This one reminds me of my biological father. HE was a Harley man at heart and built his bikes from the ground up!” – Josie J.
“This one reminds me of my step dad that used to take us hiking all the time and was a nature lover at heart!” – Josie J.
“It’s what my dad taught me from a young age, and what I try to do and who I try to be today.” – Kelly A.
“This one totally reminds me of my dad. Rush is his all-time fave band, and anytime we would have to take a long drive, they were always his go to. We’d always end up rockin’ out to Tom Sawyer  🤘” – Lindsay A.


“Out of the four kids in my family, i was the only one to follow in my Dad’s foot steps and attend school for Design. Ever since i decided to major in Graphic Design in high school my dad’s passion for Industrial Design, and really all things art have been a major influencing factor in my craft. Even before i set foot in college he drilled into me the importance of clean work. The reason this Vintage Porsche patent poster reminds me so much of my dad is that for most of my childhood he worked in the car industry and throughout my college experience he shared the work that he did while in school that closely resembled the same type of projects that i was assigned. One project in particular that he worked on was actually a patent for an Anti Theft Removable Radio Face Plate!” – Brooke S.
“The art print “Seedless Alien-B-W” by Chris Dyer reminds me of my dad because he has always looked to find out more information to the findings and proof of alien life on Earth. He would get up at 5 am everyday to listen to what he referred to as “The Space Station” channel on his portable radio. It might be odd, but his outlook has influenced me to keep a open mind beyond this world. Thank you dad!” – Marina Y.

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