Decorating your Tropical Home

Never Leave the Beach Again!

I know when I get back from my vacation near the beach I am always looking for a way to keep the beach vibe going. In order to channel your inner beach bum, sometimes you need to some wall décor to set your vibe right.

Gather some inspiration for a tropical vibe at home or even a tropical vacation spot! Take a look at our recommended wall décor below.

Give your dining room and kitchen area a breath of fresh air. Our favorite beachy themed images fit well in any room. However, in this scenario we picked three pieces that work well together. Enhancing your kitchen and dining room with a beach theme is sure to have you thinking back on those memories eating lunch by the ocean or the smell of the salty breeze. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about those pesky seagulls sweeping food off your plate.

Images featured from left to right:

For the tropical themed bedroom, we have found warm and calming art pieces and photograph to help put your mind at ease. After a long day of soaking in the sun or at work, picking the right décor for your bedroom does affect your mood. The selection of art prints we have chosen for a beachy bedroom are similar in color scheme:

When in doubt…

Okay, you have all of your favorite beach and tropical themed décor picked, but having a hard time deciding your print style. Think about your surrounding interior design styles already present when choosing a frame. If you don’t have any furniture, perhaps choose a style that compliments your molding, wall color, or lighting.

Sometimes picking a canvas print is an easy option. However, if you’re hanging a large canvas in a small area it may feel like it takes up more space than you thought. Since canvas prints are stretched over 1.5″ wooden bars, that space may make you feel enclosed with large surrounding canvas prints. For condos and apartment wall art décor, in order to keep that enclosed feeling at bay (wink wink), I would suggest a single large canvas print as a focal piece with white framed art prints, or various small-medium size art prints with the same frame and/or mat combination.

We have many prints styles to choose from, pick one that goes with a common color scheme you want to have, or currently have. Don’t waste time spending time and money on wall art that doesn’t go with your vision. Make your tropical home special and unique to your beach vibe.

Creating your favorite space, a happy place <3

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