Decorating your Man Cave: Game Room Edition

Man Cave: Game Room Edition

It’s no secret that playing video games is a hugely popular hobby for the modern man. And it’s easy to see why: Whether you want to play alone or with friends, leisurely or competitively, mindlessly or mentally engaged, there is a video game perfectly suited to however you want to enjoy your time.

It makes sense, then, that the modern man cave would follow suit. And a man cave primarily used for gaming should have the proper gaming-themed décor. Perfect for not only defining your space, but for getting you in the right mindset to appreciate your favorite hobby to the fullest.

The question is: What kind of gamer ARE you?

The Nintendo Gamer

Does your new Nintendo Switch occupy the majority of your gaming time? Maybe you prefer the old-school, retro nostalgia of the classic NES, Super NES, and Nintendo 64 consoles? If so, the Super Mario-themed Power Up and Super Mario Characters posters are a perfect fit for your gaming corner. For those who like to enjoy some, ahem, adult herbal relaxation while exploring the admittedly-kind-of-trippy world of Nintendo, the OG poster makes a fun addition.

The Playstation and Xbox Gamer

For the gamer that is more interested in serious action than jumping on Goombas, your gaming time is more likely to be dominated by a PlayStation or an Xbox system rather than a Nintendo. In which case, our posters featuring the gritty characters of Assassin’s Creed and Gears of War will make a welcome addition to your man cave’s walls.

The PC Gamer

PC gamers are a different breed. An often elite-minded group interested only in the best of graphics and the most engaging of digital roleplaying experiences. The man cave of a PC gamer ought to have its walls adorned with the games that get the blood pumping the most. We think our Apex Legends Group poster, Borderlands posters, and Fallout – Vault Boy posters fit the bill nicely.

The Gamer Who Loves Everything

Not every gamer fits so neatly into a specific category. As the resident pacifists in the ongoing console wars, these gamers defy labels and just want to play it all! The man cave of this gamer will have décor celebrating every type of game and gaming system, and even the history of the medium itself. The Video Game Controllers poster and The Periodic Table of Gaming Weapons poster both fill these roles wonderfully. There is also the Eat Sleep Game Repeat poster – showcasing the mantra of every hardcore gamer.

The Traditional Player

While video games have been the focus so far, not all gamers live in the digital world. For them, traditional games — such as card games, board games, and parlor games that don’t require electricity or the Internet — still reign supreme. Since they necessitate real-world players, those who enjoy these types of games would agree that they are more personal compared to playing through a screen, and a nice break from technology. Playing with physical game pieces, the sound of opening a new board game, and the smell of a fresh deck of cards are all part of the appeal.

The traditional gamer’s wall décor should encapsulate the feeling of getting sucked into a game with friends sitting around a table, forming memories – and rivalries – for the ages (Seriously, there’s nothing like a good ol’ timeless rivalry between board gamers!)

Our favorite traditional gaming décor we offer: Slashers Playing PokerGangsters Playing PokerWhat I Really Learned in SchoolPoker Night and more!

Lifetime Gamers

Whether you’re a modern video game player or a traditional gamer, we have art décor to complete your game room area. Choose your next art piece in canvas, frame and wood prints. Our customization options ensure that each of these print styles can fit in with your current décor theme, making them perfect additions to your game nights.

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