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Decorating your Kids Room: boys, girls and non-binary

Decorating your Kids Room: boys, girls and non-binary

Creating a happy place for the kiddos

As a kid, there are a lot of interests that one might take a liking to. Parents know that a young, wild imagination can switch from fixation to fixation on a dime, and know all too well the car rides with their favorite song on repeat. Our question is, does your kids room look like someone vomited merch all over the room?

When the day comes to change your kids room style, you can start by browsing through our Kids Room page. There you will find eye catching wall décor to go with any personality. Below we have picked out a few pieces of our art prints for boys, girls, and non-binary kids room.

Room Décor for Non-binary Kids

When it comes to non-binary gender art and décor, we have an endless selection to choose from. Start by sorting through our kids room artwork by color, subject, orientation and more. Our favorite categories that don’t lean towards a specific gender are landscapes, animals, abstract, astronomy, fantasy, and sci-fi art prints. Check out this print seen on the left  “Kaleidoscope to the Stars” by Jap Fleck. Jay Fleck has a great art print selection for any gender and décor style. (This print is shown with our White Affordable frame.)

Below we have an abstract art print created by Jean Plout titled “Retro Abstract Squares”. This is a nice kid-friendly addition to any room that you want to inject with a funky but modern vibe. To the right of this print we have an art print titled “Wild Life” by Mark Ashkenazi that will be a great addition to safari themed rooms for kids that love animals, or anyone else looking spruce up the room with vivid pop of colors. To the right of “Wild Life” is an art print by Michael Fishel titled “The Magic Kingdom, which features a medieval fantasy theme for kids. Choose your art print’s frame and size and get ready to chill!

Kids Room Décor for Girls

Order the beautiful art prints perfect for any girl’s room. To begin, like with non-binary room décor, keep in mind what her favorite subjects are. Would they enjoy cute animals? Mermaids? Dance and music? Perhaps you can automictically match their décor by starting with a favorite color or common color in their room and then filter the list by their interests. Maybe you’ll find a few art prints that the girls in your life will thank you for.

Check out our picks for decorating girls rooms here!

Kids Room Décor for Boys

This one’s for the boys, we will also begin by thinking about the interests of the boy’s room you’re looking to decorate. Does he like to explore the yard collecting bugs? Play in the mud? Toy cars and other machines? We have quite the collection of boys room themed décor that they will love to look at.

Check out our picks for decorating boys rooms here!

Our top favorite is “Ant Man – Lang” poster, a great choice for boys rooms with an option for various frame styles. Enjoy this poster print of Marvel Studios’ Ant Man from a ground level view of the hero posed in his super suit. Another popular image is “Curiosity” created by Andrej Z.T., which features of a cat silhouette in the foreground looking out a window at a robot roaming around a foggy city. This is a great print for boys are interested in sci-fi! Next, we have a minimalistic watercolor poster titled “A Portrait of Hong Kong”, depicting a multi-colored lion head with a dripping paint effect. The portrait head of this lion has empty eyes leaning towards an abstract style.

Last but not least, to the right of this poster is an art print geared towards video game weapons, predictably titled “Periodic Table of Gaming Weapons”. We know how hard it can be to pull kids away from gaming. I understand! The free time we have sometimes never feels like enough when you’re into a game. Show your little gamer support and order a copy today and share your gaming tips.

Remember: Every Kid is Different!

Whether you’re decorating a bedroom for a new home, or refreshing your kid’s room to meet their ever-changing interests, finding the right artwork may feel overwhelming. After reading this article we hope that you have some inspiration ideas that your kids will cherish. Pick the print and print size you want for any print style that fits in with your kids room style. Choose from canvas prints, framed prints, wood mount prints (plaque) and more!

Begin your wall décor search by checking out our section of kids room décor, or search by subject or color!

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