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Setting the classroom vibes: Décor to Reduce Stress

We all know that stifling feeling – a classroom with windows that are too small, overly positive wall art, and annoying florescent lighting. But what if you could turn your classroom into a place your students look forward to? It’s much easier to learn new things and focus in a stress-free space, so make the classroom yours — cozy like home.

When you think of calm and stress free, what comes to mind? Candles, spa, and massages, right? Well, the classroom isn’t exactly a day spa, but we have some other ideas for introducing school and student-friendly décor to reduce stress.


The use of bright colors and lighting creates an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. To achieve this, the classroom should have at least one piece of art that uses multiple colors. Check out this colorful and positive vibe art piece “Birdwatching” by Jay Fleck with a cat dressing up as bird on a phone line hanging out with other birds.

This is a unique art piece that will fit in your classroom well, as it humorously encourages making friends with those who are different than yourself. One could interpret this art piece as the cat making unlikely friends!

View more artwork by Jay Fleck

Birdwatching by Jay Fleck
Mission by Andrej Z. T.

Common Ground

Believe it or not, when a student walks into a classroom for the first time, the wall décor you choose can be an important factor in how well you connect with them initially. If you’re a kid at heart, picking art might be easier for you. Need some ideas? Here are a couple of art prints – Space Art by Florent Bodart and Mission by Andrej Z.T. – that are great ways to show to your students a little more personality and will encourage open paths of communication and imagination.

Space Art by Florent Bodart

Peace of Mind in Nature

When around nature scenes, one can sense the freedom and whimsy of life outdoors. Nature has the power to reduce anxiety and conflict, and can even turn a chaotic day to a day of peace. The soft and mysterious art piece Up the Mountain by Teri Rosario shows the viewer a stairway path. One might ask, where does this path lead? Even though we do not know where this path might lead — or if it’s even real — the unknown is okay because it leads to new adventures and experiences.

Nature art décor can encourage your students to embrace the unknown, reducing day-to-day stress. Plant life and seasonal art for the spring, fall, and winter are all great subjects for artwork.

Browse more recommended nature artists:

Up the Mountain by Teri Rosario
The Beatles Yellow Submarine Cover | Poster

Pop Culture

The best and most memorable teachers have wall art that students can relate to, like music, movies and video game posters. Pop culture is a great way to show your students that you are in touch with the world outside the syllabus. And it’s a great way to introduce kids to old classics from your own childhood. So, show off your interests! Place a wall décor piece by your desk and break the monotony of the institution. Having a casual conversation can help you understand your students and encourage communication with you and other classmates.

Beer will change the world by Ephemera

Creating a stress free classroom is more than just picking the right décor. It needs to be followed with positive attitude, perspective and response. You may have the most stress free décor in the whole school. However, if your actions can’t follow suit with the vibe, then that will be forever be imbedded into your students minds no matter how cool or relaxing your décor is.

I’ll end with one typical school quote here… “Be the change you want to see” and break from the institutionalized classroom and make your class the best part of their day.