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Decorating your Walls: Dorm Room Edition

Decorating your Walls: Dorm Room Edition

Dorm Daze

Between noisy roommates, neighbors, and smelly communal bathrooms, no one wants to dread heading back to their dorm room. All the stress can add up over time. Luckily, we have a way to make dorm life a perfect place to de-compress.

What is your style? Are you a people person? An introvert? A lover of science? We have art prints and posters to suit any type of personality and interests. The best part about decorating your dorm is the personalization you can create. Below we have put together a guide to choosing the perfect artwork that will make you feel right at home.

People Persons

If you’re a social butterfly, you might consider art prints and posters that are conversation starters to your interests. You can find artwork pertaining interests under our Pop Culture subject category. There, you’ll find musicians, movie/TV art, and gaming themes that are a great way to attract people who have the same interests as you. Order this poster “Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon” and space out listening to this legendary band with your new friends!

Another suggestion for our extroverts is a wall décor print that relates to your favorite activities like sports and outdoor recreation. Check out these pieces of sports and outdoor recreation images here.

“He Skates” by Chris Dyer

“Skateboard Spirituality” by Chris Dyer

Brainy Bookworm

To those who would rather sit down with a book than go clubbing. We have a selection of images to stimulate your imagination while creating a space to keep you focused on whatever book you’re into. Whether that is for educational or leisure purposes. Order your art print for canvas, frame with mat options more to suit your décor style.

For art referencing literary work, check out our poster called “Honey Hatter”, which features an illustrated portrait of the Mad Hatter with honey dripping from his orange hat down to his bright blue suit. The hatter’s face is wrinkled with a black and white swirly eye. To the left is a splashing teacup and saucer with a Cheshire grin, while a large scrappy honeybee hovers to the right. If you’re looking for another art print to go with Honey Hatter, we have selected “Alice In Wonderland” poster to pair.

The Interstellar Mind

Find our best selection of space and science themed art décor for those whose interests lie outside of our planet. Subjects range from astronauts, to stars, and unknown planets created by our gallery of talented artists. The best part about our astronomy collection is the variety of space art we have. If you’re into learning more about our solar system, or simply love looking up at the sky and watching shooting stars. We have the perfect piece for you.

Here we have selected a few pieces for you to get started. One is “Conquest Moon Pool” by Virgil Finlay. This artist specializes in combining illustration comic art with a spooky, Twilight Zone-esque sort of theme. Each of Virgil’s art pieces looks like it’s taken from a sci-fi scene in an old movie. Check out more of his artwork here.

Florent Bodart’s “Space Art” is a perfect art piece if you’re looking for a modern twist on space themed art.

When you’re staring up into space, or studying about the wonders of the universe, at time we just want to cuddle with our fur baby kitties. Enjoy this art print created by Jenny Newland “Space with Sally and Judith” named after one of the first U.S. astronaut women who have gone to space.

Fantasy Fiend

If your mind wanders and quickly jumps from one subject to another, you might be interested in fantasy wall decor. Wrap your mind around our collection of illusion art, unique creatures and concepts that are likely to boost your creativity and inspiration. Fantasy art blows past thinking outside the box and takes it a step further. Why not find a piece that speaks to your favorite fantasy theme?

Internal Landscapes by Mario Nevado is a dream like art piece with a dandelion in the shape of a person. Another fantasy favorite is Water Magic by Brillick of an elf summoning the body of water with a magical lantern. Or get lost for hours in the multi-layer fantasy landscape of Michel Fishel’s “Pegasus”.

Bottom Line: You Do You!

Decorating your dorm room may seem tedious, but our team at Art & Canvas are here to help you any way we can. Picking the best décor piece that suits your personality, interests, and style is what we’re all about. Ask yourself, can I look at this art print or poster during the rest of the school year? Does it bring me happiness? If not, then move on! Our likes and dislikes change as we evolve and grow. Interests change with that too, and your art décor may reflect your personality. If you’re a loner like me you might like dark and creepy décor, but if you’re a social butterfly like my siblings, you might like artwork with bright colors to reflect your vibes. When living in a dorm, many times you will find yourself looking around your roomie’s side or when visiting your neighbor’s room to get to know them more. Use this to your advantage and find art to attract like-minded individuals!

Create your wall décor vibe by searching by subjectartistcolor and more!

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