Cozy Corner Wall Décor Ideas

Sweater Weather is Here

What’s better than coming home after a bitter cold day to that special corner where you can relax and unwind? Decorating it for maximum coziness, of course!
We’ve selected a few wall art options you might want to consider when sprucing up that special spot with cozy corner décor. Shorter nights, festive lights, and family gatherings. This season is the perfect season for home decorating. When it’s too late or cold to go out and visit friends and family, our cozy spots at home could use a refresh every now and then.

Read on for our favorite cozy corner home décor art prints available for print-on-demand.

Warm Tones for Chilled Bones

The best colors for cozying up in your favorite corner spot are warm tones. This can be any shade from the spectrum between our redorange and yellow category art collection. Another great warm color theme is purple, pink and brown art category. Our brown art category wall art is a great choice when mixed with other warm colored art prints to help balance out the vibrancy of the warm color while also adding a neutral color to your décor. These colors used together also invoke an Autumnal theme that is perfect for the fall season (more on that in the next section!)

Here we have selected a few of each color to give you a quick visual inspiration when searching for cozy wall décor by color.

Seasonal Art to Cozy up by

Take a look through our favorite selection of art prints that are perfect for the seasonal weather changes that’ll take you through the fall into winter. For this subject we want to encompass the best, coziest aspects of the cold months ahead. What is your favorite part? Is it the foliage color change and crispy leaves under your feet? Or is it drinking hot cocoa and gazing through frosty windows?

In our cozy corner seasonal section, we have selected our favorite images that are sure to give you those warm fuzzy feels when nearby.

Age of Time

When it comes to cozy corners, we can’t finish without covering a rustic décor style. What makes rustic décor perfect for cozy spaces is the connection to nature combined with a casual, “lived in” aesthetic. Reminiscent of rural farmhouse living, rustic décor is typified by warm colors, wood picture frames, and handmade accent pieces made with natural materials.

When you’re looking for a more mature style wall art theme, we have the best selection of rustic art prints to fit the needs of your coziest rooms! Check out our favorite picks of rustic wall art here.

The best thing about decorating your cozy space is that it is — almost by definition — stress free! The only rule is simply to create a space that meets the level of comfort, warmth, and relaxation that you desire. Luckily, however you choose to decorate, the room will always become cozier over time. As your space becomes more lived-in, it will naturally and incrementally shape itself to fit your home lifestyle. In other words, stick to these basics and then do you!

Contact us at if you have any questions or need help selecting your next custom art print.

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